Best Call Center Software 2018: price, solution & information

Types of Best Call Center Software

Basically, call centers and contact centers to use a software system to manage their call flows and agent efficiency. This software system is called as call center software. Due to the presence of many call center software companies in India; you need to choose the best call center software.

But before you go to choose the best call center software, you must know about different types of call center software. Here is a list of different types of call center software.

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Voice broadcasting software

Voice broadcasting software is a type of call center software that is used to broadcast thousands of voice messages at once. Voice broadcasting is a process that began in the 90s and spread across the globe. This call center software enables users to use their mobile numbers as a customized caller ID, improve your marketing. You can send customized messages to your clients through voice broadcasting software and prompt them to buy your products.

Call Tracking Software

Call tracking software is used by contact centers to track calls of their customers. This call center software allows businesses to detect the relevant callers in order to give the best solutions to them.

Text Messaging Software

Text messaging software is also called as bulk SMS software that allows businesses to send thousands of text messages at once. The text messages can be promotional or informative. With text messaging software you can easily personalize your messages which means you can schedule the messages as per the needs of your business.

Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

Automatic call distributor (ACD) helps contact centers to manage the call flow of their inbound calls. It routes calls to the appropriate or skilled agent at contact centers. Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) is not only helpful for agents but also for consumers who need immediate information or solution regarding certain products or services.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive voice response is mainly used in call centers to prompt callers to choose various services of call centers. For Example, If a client needs to deactivate his services, he dials a toll-free number which trains him to press a specific catch to go to the deactivation office. This causes the shopper to get profited as well as manufactures a solid trust-connect between the operator and the clients.

Best Call Center Software India

If you are looking for best call center software, Sip2Dial can be the most genuine choice for you. Sip2Dial is call center software that is made to help small businesses to manage their contact centers.

Sip2Dial comes with many advanced features like Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), Skill-Based Routing, Customized Call Queues and much more. All these cloud-based features are powerful to handle inbound call centers, outbound call centers, and blended contact centers.

Sip2Dial is managed by a team of highly talented developers who are experts in various advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and IP based communications. Sip2Dial gives a 30 days basis free trial to its customers through which they can utilize all the free features of Sip2Dial before buying it.

How to Choose Best Call center software companies

These days it is not at all difficult to choose best call center software companies in India. You do not need to invest your money because most call center software companies offer their software on a free trial basis. When you start using the free trial of call center software you will know its performance, effectiveness, and features. Then you will be able to choose the best call center software companies in India.

Best Free Call Center Software from Sip2Dial


call center management software -Get Here open Source Management Software

Introduction of Call Centre Management Software

Call center management software is a software system that works to manage call centers and contact centers. The growing numbers of call management centers have made software makes think these days.

Sip2dial is one of the main call center management software providers across the globe. Sip2Dial gives various services to call centers to help them boost the productivity of their offices.

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Open Source Call Centre Management Software

Open source call center management software is a software system that integrates with various open sources platforms like WebRTC, FreeSWITCH, Asterisk, and OpenSIPs.

Small Businesses use these Open source frameworks to create seamless voice and video calls over the internet. There are many benefits to the open source call center management software.

Benefits of Sip2Dial Open Source Call center management Software

Cost Saving

Sip2Dial Call Management Software utilizes open source frameworks to empower small businesses. Sip2Dial provides cloud-based call center software solutions which do not require any hardware deployment and maintenance cost. This allows small businesses to save their money.


Cloud-based call center software protects the data of its users by storing all the data in the cloud. Sip2Dial is cloud-based call center management software that can function during disasters effectively. It also prevents external cyber threats to damage your data.


The cloud call center management software from Sip2Dial has various advanced features. It can easily function on mobile-based platforms. Therefore you can collaborate on it various web and mobile based applications flexibly.

Inbound Call Centre Management Software

An Inbound call center receives the calls from various customers on different issues and provides appropriate solutions. Therefore inbound call center management software can be defined as a software system that is used to manage inbound call centers or contact centers.

1. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

It is vital for any bustling inbound call centers to use a decent call management system. There are various types of companies around the globe who need to address the needs of consumers. Hence the ACD (Automatic call distributor) allows call centers to distribute their callers to the right departments. It helps call centers to manage their customers effectively.

2. Skills-Based Routing

Skill-based call routing is an important feature in a contact center. In inbound call centers, Skill-based routing helps to route callers to the most qualified agent. This feature allows call centers to enhance the skill of their agents.

3. Customized Call Queues

Customized call queues allow call centers to separate the call queues of their consumers as per their requirements. This allows the skill-based routing feature to route these queued calls to the most qualified and right support executives.

Outbound Call Centre Management Software

Outbound call centers are made by enterprises to promote their products through voice calls, video calls, and text and multimedia messages. The outbound call center management software is used to manage outbound contact centers by organizing the call flows and agents.

1.Multiple Campaign Management

Sip2dial’s outbound call center management software let your specialists be free from choosing efforts physically. The completely programmed arrangement of sip2dial’s outbound call center management software guarantees error-free work and increment the profitability of your call focus.


The click to dial highlight of sip2dial’s outbound call center management software enables specialists to dial out clients whose points of interest are as of now recorded in the CRM. As it is programmed, your operators won’t need to do anything physically. This won’t just build the profitability of your call center, however; help you get great income too.

3.Call Back Schedule

The callback schedule of sip2dial’s outbound call center management software is basic in booking gets back to that is verbally settled upon by the agent and the customer amid a prior association. The get back to plan include is given in both inbound and outbound call focus programming by Sip2dial. This element can be modified in various cases also, for example, when the dialer interfaces the operator first before associating with the client.

Call Centre Management Software Lowest Pricing

Call center software free – Get Free Trial of Premium Call Centre Software

Call Centre Software Free Trial

Picking a call center software free trial can give you certain advantages. There are many call center software providing company today over the globe that enables you to do free trials of call center software. Be that as it may, for what reason would it be a good idea for you to go for a free trial? What are the advantages of a free trial? We will tell to you why you have to go for a call center software free trial.

These days the pricing of a product impacts the most on the thoughts of the consumer. For a small call center that wants to boost its brand equity must choose the right call center software. We will give you the detailed information of call center software free trial below.

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Free and Open Source Sip2Dial Call Centre Software

In simple terms, Open source means free source. Though Open source software has the source code available freely, yet sometimes it is not free.

Free and open source call center software lets you feel that you are independent and you can easily customize your business objectives.

Free & Open Source predictive dialer software

The free and open source predictive dialer of Sip2dial can be utilized in large call centers to boost the productivity and route the customers to the most proficient agent. It is useful for B2C calls for instance; cold calling, telemarketing or giving a data to an extensive group of onlookers.

You can choose whether agents can dial different expansions, make outside calls, or exchange calls. You can preselect the inbound call queues to go to various departments and agents. With the predictive dialer of sip2dial, you can easily rank your agents regarding their efficiency and customer feedback.

If you want to use the premium version of SipDial’s open source predictive dialer then you will have to pay for them. The Dialer from Sip2dial is a modern day innovation that allows you to improve your brand value and fulfill the desired needs of your consumers.

Free and open source call monitoring software

Sip2dial gives you the best call monitoring software without the stress of costly hardware and large capital investment. Sip2dial guarantees the wellbeing and security of your call center by its dependable call monitoring which doesn’t require a substantial venture and goes under the financial plan of a start-up call center.

Sip2dial is free and cloud-based call monitoring software. The call monitoring software has many advanced features like skill-based routing, customized call queues, and Automatic call distribution.

• Virtual Call Centre Software

Virtual call center software is also known as cloud-based call center software which exactly does what is expected from a receptionist. By and large, an assistant at a conventional call center at any private association answer the call, welcome the guest, and wisely forward the calls to the correct department

Virtual call center software guarantees none of the inquiries of a client goes unanswered which constructs a decent customer agent relationship as well as lifts the brand picture. These days there is highly best in class virtual call center software are accessible in the market. Sip2dial’s virtual call center software can do considerably more than your desires.

Call Tracking

Call tracking software is a standout amongst the most imperative highlights in virtual call center software. It will have the capacity to track all your approaching calls, active calls, missed calls, calls made to every office and that’s just the beginning.

It is an unquestionable requirement have included for each call centers as it causes organizations to know their clients’ needs and impart them well. Lamentably, conventional call centers don’t have this office because of an absence of virtual call center software.

Call Recording

Today most call center software incorporates call recording as a fundamental component for contact center business. In conventional call centers, there are call recording alternatives yet not as much progress as present-day call centers where virtual call center software assumes the most critical part.

Call recording highlight must be progressed with a specific end goal to record unmistakably the entire client’s discussions including missed calls. This can help enhance the nature of discussion at contact focuses and furthermore enable senior specialists to prepare junior agents according to the wants of the client.

• How long It will be Provided Free

Sip2Dial is a leading free and open source call center software provider across the globe. The call center software free trial program of Sip2dial is the most popular initiative to help start-up enterprises. With the call center software free trial program, small businesses can easily overlook their business objectives, set up their budget and decide whether they want to buy the software or not.

The call center software free trial program from Sip2dial is for 30 days. This means customers can use all the advanced features of Sip2dial, free of cost for 30 days. To utilize some premium features they may need to pay but the free features are enough for a small venture to will for buying the free and open source call center software of Sip2dial.

Call Centre Software Solutions – Get Call Centre Solution in Low Pricing

Introduction of Call center software

Call center software solutions can be characterized as administrations that help call centers or contact centers to deal with their database, caller’s inquiries, messages, and web data. Thus it is likewise called as call center management software.

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There are different kinds of call center software and companies to provide call center software solutions, across the globe. The same number of call center software solutions accessible today, here and there it turns out to be difficult for you to make sense of which is correct call focus answer for your business.

Which features do you require for your business? How secure your call is? How effective your call center solutions are in dealing with your customers? Every one of these inquiries can influence your psyche to stall out and postpone your basic leadership process.

Call center software solutions for small business

Easy To Set Up

Call center software solutions require no additional equipment establishment. So you can without much of a stretch convey it in wherever you need. Not at all like on-introduce based phone setup, it needn’t bother with any support cost which causes independent companies to spare their cash.


Conventional telephone lines require a discrete equipment or programming framework. But cloud-based call center software works with numerous features that guarantee the security of your contact center. Every one of the information from your Agents and clients is put away in the cloud. What’s more, you can get to it whenever you want.

Better Client- Management

In call center business customers are the main factors to growth. Therefore it is basic for a contact center to guarantee that the client-agent relationship goes well. Call center software empowers you to enhance the relationship with your guests. Call administration programming like predictive dialer, voice broadcasting software, Interactive voice response and call tracking software helps contact centers to deal with their guests adequately.


On the off chance that you need to set up a contact center, you should incorporate your administration framework with different applications. Cloud-based call center software is powerful and portable amicable. It incorporates your framework with different versatile applications. This influences you to achieve your clients more adequately than conventional call center management systems.

Remote Functioning

For independent ventures, it is essential to contribute less and win more. If you need to set up a call center, call center software can enable you to lessen your expenses. Call center software is portable amicable and coordinates with different applications. It enables you to deal with your clients from any land area over the globe. With call center software you can without much of stretch contract representatives from various nations and manage them remotely.


Cloud-based call center software is more secure than traditional call center software. It keeps your data in the cloud which shields you from unlawful digital assaults. In the event that any cataclysmic event happens; you don’t have to stress over your cloud-based contact center software. You can without much of a stretch recuperate your information and work remotely from any geological area if any harm strikes your office.

Brand value improving

Brand value is a thing that thoroughly relies on how customers consider your contributions. In the event that you offer great services, it’s not possible for anyone to prevent you from driving the market. Call center software solutions can influence a good situation to let you give the best answers for your clients. You can without much of a stretch build up yourself as a dependable brand with call center software.

Call center software pricing

Nowadays Call centers to use the cloud to store the information of clients and employees. In this manner, it doesn’t require any massive and expensive equipment organization. Cloud-based call center software is versatile well disposed and can be worked amid cataclysmic events.

You don’t need to spend much in the maintenance cost of cloud-based call center solution. There are hundreds of call center software providers are today across the globe.

Therefore the price changes from company to company. Be that as it may, it is less expensive than conventional phone lines in the long run. We are going to mention the pricing model of Sip2dial below. Please check it now!

Cloud-based call center software

Cloud-based call center software is the most progressive and powerful call center software utilized today by contact centers. It doesn’t require cumbersome equipment and time-taking technique to set up your call center. Since such sort of call center software stores, every one of it’s information on the cloud, it is secure and portable. A cloud-based contact center can consistently serve its clients from different geological areas with cloud-based call center software.

Bottom Line

In this article, we endeavored to help you with the discrete yet crucial knowledge about call center software. If you find this article helpful, please do not forget to mention your precious views to help us improve our services.

Call Center Software Free Trial 2018: Price, information and how to choose the best of all

Using call center software free of cost is a common thing these days. Most seasoned companies are providing call center software on a free trial basis which is due to the growing competition in the market.

Sometimes entrepreneurs spend their time in taking free trials and become confused while choosing the right call center software. In this article, we will tell you the detailed information about free call center software, its price and the process of choosing the right one.

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Call Center Software Free Trial, Price

Every time you go to purchase a product, the price of that product impacts on your mind more than anything. Hence it is essential for you to know the price of call center software before going for a free trial.

Basically, there are two main types of call center management system used by call centers. Cloud-based call management system and On-premise based system are the ones that we see being used in contact centers.

If you want to choose call center software, you don’t need to worry much. Basically cloud-based call center software does not require any costly hardware deployment or maintenance cost.

Call Center software Free Trial, benefits

Choosing call center software for a free trial can give you certain benefits. There are numerous call center providers today across the globe who allows you to do free trials of call center software. But why should you go for a free trial? What are the benefits of a free trial? We are going to tell you why you need to go for a free trial below.

You Can Know About the Features

It is important for you to know about the different features of your call center software before you use it. There are advanced features like automatic call distribution (ACD), Skill-Based Routing and multi-level Interactive voice response that you must include in your call center software solutions.

A free trial will let you know which features you need or which features are missing from the software. It will help you have a deep idea on call center software, its features, and functionality.

You can check the productivity

While using call center software on a free trial basis, you should check whether it fulfills your business requirements or not. If you find your call center solution addressing the requirements of your consumers, you may decide to buy it.

In case you find that your call center software is not boosting the productivity of your call center, you can go for another provider. Therefore a free trial will give you the benefit of choosing the right call center software.

You can check It’s Security

In this era of information and technology, nobody can guarantee that their data is secure. Once you go for a free trial, you can look into the loopholes in the security department.

It is important for a small business to make sure that their data remains safe in case any natural disaster occurs. So if you are using cloud-hosted call center software, you need not be worried at all. Cloud-based call center software is more secure than traditional call management systems.


In this article, we tried to bring you the detailed information on the call center software free trial, it’s price and benefits. In case you find this article helpful please do not forget to mention your precious views below in the comment box. It will help us improving the writing process of ours.